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Student Training Video

Welcome students! Now you can contact the teachers and staff members of your school easily, safely, and TOTALLY ANONYMOUSLY! Just follow these directions:

If you haven't already, sign up for an account. We will never ask for your name, all you need is your student id number and your birth date.
Sign in to your account using your user name and password that you choose when you sign up.
Once you are signed in, you will be able to send anonymous messages to staff members, reply to staff members' messages, and play some cool games too!
If you prefer, you can report an incident by email or SMS TEXT by sending your message to Crownover@CaresAbout.us.
That's right, you can send your report in a TEXT message! Just enter "Crownover@CaresAbout.us" instead of a phone number and send your message, it's that easy!
If you need assistance, please contact our support department at Support@CaresAbout.us.
Thank you for using CaresAbout.us™!